The Galactic Idiot Published!

January 6, 2021

Scott's third full-length novel, The Galactic Idiot, has been published!

The trouble with Gary isn't his crooked teeth or the mole on his cheek. It isn't even the haircut which makes his head look like a bowling ball. The trouble with Gary is that he's a moron. But he's not just your average run-of-the-mill dimwit. Gary's idiocy is special because, unlike most idiots, he's stupid on a planetary level. Literally. The last thing he said before destroying the moon was, "Oops."

It all started the day Gary's uncle colonel Virgil Cross got him a job aboard Terra One, Earth's very first and most decrepit intergalactic space station. Gary had always wanted to be a space traveler and an adventurer despite his sheltered life. Growing up, he nourished himself with comic books and television, and was pretty sure that's how the universe worked.

After inadvertently causing the greatest catastrophe in human history, Gary is on the run from two of the galaxy's most powerful and least forgiving empires in a broken and unpredictable ship, encountering many diverse friends and enemies along the way including: Shii'an the always-cool seven-limbed rogue; Mon Arun, the a shape-shifting reptilian spy; Korg, the dour purple goliath who just wants to tinker with machines; Megatroll, the most dangerous computer worm in history trapped in a robot vacuum cleaner; and Queen Morgaan the omnipresent insectoid mother of a trillion mindless drones and a single daughter she'll protect at all costs.

The novel is available for Kindle and paperback on Amazon.