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A Fatal Exception

Published on July 1, 2019

In a bleak future where daily smog warnings are routine and the politicians are dirtier than the environment, the people of Chicago turn to private investigators like Seven Sinclair when they want a case solved right. Seven isn't like most detectives since he's an android. He's not like most androids either. He's quirky and brazen and he's not chained down by the government-imposed privacy regulations.

Sergeant Antonio Rizzo is a good cop in a corrupt town, and he's getting too old for the job. He despises technology, and the robot is like the personification of his object of hatred.

When Seven's investigation into a simple hack leads to murder and all evidence points to him, he's forced to catch the true killer while he tries to stay out of Rizzo's crosshairs.

Genres & Themes

  • Hardboiled Detective
  • Mystery
  • Hard Science Fiction
  • Humorous Science Fiction
  • Technothriller
  • Dystopian

Book Details

Page Count230
Paperback ASIN107543050X
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Praise for A Fatal Exception

"A cheeky playful modern-day murder mystery meal, heavily seasoned in Mickey Spillane stylish humor and over-the-top descriptive splashes, providing a sumptuous feast for any avid mystery reader." - 5 Star Review

"He is a superpower kind of hero who has an entertaining command of humor. There are some one-liners in the story that stopped me to allow for some hearty laughter. I asked myself, 'Did I read that right?' and then I would read it again and howl with mirth." - 5 Star Review

"Unlike most stories which include hacking details, this one felt realistic and believable. I even feel like I also learned a little about hacking and security from reading it." - 5 Star Review